'New releases September 20th!'

Three stunning Turkish films, all part of The Yusuf Trilogy, are now available on DVD (sold separately); BAL, SUT and YUMURTA.  Also available is documentary, VISIONS OF EIGHT; eight director’s capture what the naked eye cannot see, documenting the 1972 Olympics in Munich. Available for purchase here as well as many other retail outlets.

Bal [Honey]Sut [Milk]Yumurta [Egg]
Visions of Eight


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September 23, 2011


Hello my name is Robert Hunter and I’m a American who saw your film Bal in Los Angeles a couple years ago. I have been looking for it and the other two films Sut and Yumarta for sometime now. I would like to purchase The Yusuf Trilogy along with the Visions of Eight documentary and if you can give me further information on how to do that that’ll be greatly appreciated. I hope things are continuing to go well with you and your production team and I can’t wait to see more projects from you.

posted April 29, 2013 by Robert Hunter