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Hello! If you are reading this post it’s because you have found yourself on the new Olive Films website.  We hope you like it as much as we do!  You can now browse (and purchase) from our ever-expanding library of films much more easily!

Please feel free to comment below!  We will now be able to bring you more information regarding our theatrical releases and events, and give you sneak-peaks at our up-coming slate of titles.

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September 19, 2011


Great site!

posted September 21, 2011 by Jen

I have heard that you now own the rights to Clint Walker’s movies “Night of the Grizzly”. There are hundreds of us waiting for that movie to be remasted and released on DVD. Is there any chance of it occuring anytime in the near future? Thanking you in advance.

posted November 17, 2011 by Denise Johnson

Surprised and happy you are releasing NIJINSKI-1980 a very rare film. May i suggest a rare film for your consideration, only released on laser-disc and vhs-rental Final Approach-1991. And finally with the success of japanese films like Toki o Kakeru Shójo/The Girl Who Lept Through Time-2010-naka riisa, how about Bushido Sixteen-2010. thanking you for your time, dan.

posted December 13, 2011 by dan hutchinson

Comment…Anxiously awaiting your release of The Night of the Grizzly with my favorite actor and cowboy Clint Walker. Hundreds or thousands in his fan club are anticipating its release. Thanks in advance for your work on this project.

posted March 13, 2012 by Cheryl Hansen

I ask you to consider making available “The Green Scarf” (1954), starring Sir Michael Redgrave, Ann Todd, Leo Genn and Kieron Moore. During the 50’s and 60’s, this film was constantly shown on Million Dollar Movie 3 times a day, a week at a time, 5 times a year! That is popular by any standard, despite a grouch from Bosley Crowther who ought to have known better. This film is in a class with “Witness For The Prosecution.”

posted March 24, 2012 by Shaxspar

I have read a rumor that your company is looking to release 1977′s “Twilight’s Last Gleaming”. Any truth to this?…..Long overdue.

posted April 23, 2012 by John Leone

PLEASE !!!!!! Redo “The Quiet Man” Thank You

posted June 23, 2012 by bob zimmer

I’m with John Leone. When is “Twilight’s Last Gleaming” coming out? I hope out on blu ray!

posted June 29, 2012 by Garrett Goulet

Comment..Since Olive distributes Paramount films, there two excellent films that have never been released on home video in any form. They are “The Joker Is Wild” and “All The Way Home.” I would love to see Olive release both on DVD.

posted July 3, 2012 by David G. Craigie

Comment…Please…please…please release The Oscar (1966) starring Stephen Boyd, Elke Sommer, Milton Berle, and Tony Bennett. This film is screaming for a blu-ray release. Thanks.

posted July 21, 2012 by Edward Holub

Thank-you for bringing out on dvd some of the lesser known westerns such as Denver and Rio Grande, and Silver city. Is there anything in the works for Streets of Laredo (1949)? Thank-you

posted July 29, 2012 by Steve Williams

Now that you’re bringing out Republic titles, how about John Ford’s The Sun Shines Bright? It is said to be one of his own favorites and remains a glaring hole in the dvd world.

posted August 5, 2012 by frank ramberg

I hope you can release 2 great films from Paramount. LOVE WITH THE PROPER STRANGER with Natalie Wood and Steve McQueen / and THE RAT RACE with Tony Curtis and Debbie Reynolds.

posted September 24, 2012 by Ken Koc

Is there any possibility of releasing The Quiet Man on Blu-ray. This film is so beautiful that it would be amazing in this format.

posted October 4, 2012 by Paul Newton

Just found your most welcomed site.congrats to u all for your releases.question? Will you be releasing more westerns?

posted October 22, 2012 by david furey

Your post, Welcome everyone! | Olive Films, is really well written and insightful. Glad I found your website, warm regards from Deana!

posted December 17, 2012 by Deana

Pretty nice post. I just came by your blog and wanted to sathayt I’ve really liked reading your posts. Any wayI’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon!

posted January 11, 2013 by Rahul

How about some more Alan Ladd movies ie “O.S.S” , “Thunder In The East” , “Saigon” and “Calcutta”. Also Any chance of releasing William Holden in “The Turning Point”?

posted January 28, 2013 by joe doherty

Please consider getting the rights to Loretta Young’s films, “Rachel and the Stranger” and “The Farmer’s Daughter” (both are from the 1940s I believe. Also, “The Painted Veil” starring Greta Garbo & Herbert Marshall which is from 1934. All three are dramas and fans have been waiting forever for their releases on DVD.

posted March 9, 2013 by Ewa Sadowski

i have seached around for years for this film on dvd but without success

posted April 23, 2013 by i would like to know if you have poor little rich girl available

The classic republic serial Adventures of Captain Marvel is a natural for a new dvd or better yet blu-ray release please

posted June 5, 2013 by adventures of captain marvel


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posted September 5, 2013 by Google