The Trap

After a ten-year hiatus, lawyer Ralph Anderson (Richard Widmark) returns to his hometown of Tula, California, where his father Lloyd (Carl Benton Reid) and brother Tippy (Earl Holliman) serve as the town’s sheriff and deputy. Forced to represent a mob boss, Victor Massonetti (Lee J. Cobb), Ralph asks his father to look the other way while a local airfield is used to enable Massonetti to flee the country. A disgusted Lloyd agrees to help, but Tippy decides to go after the big cash reward. The stellar cast includes Tina Louise (Gilligan’s Island) as Tippy’s beautiful wife, Linda, who once was the love of Ralph’s life and Lorne Greene (Bonanza) as Davis, Massonetti’s right hand man. Art direction by the legendary Henry Bumstead (Vertigo), Cinematography by the great Daniel L. Fapp (West Side Story) and beautifully directed by Norman Panama (Knock on Wood).

Actors: Richard Widmark, Lee J. Cobb, Tina Louise, Earl Holliman

Release Date: November 20, 2012

Rated: NR (Not Rated)


Runtime: 84 minutes

Year Filmed: 1959

Screen: Color

Languages: English

UPC: 887090041904

Cat #: OF419

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